Backpacking & Camping Reflector Oven

An Oven You Can Take With You Anywhere!

To finish the oven, you cover it in aluminum foil - which you probably want to take with you anyway.  Put it in front of your cooking or campfire, and hot, fresh cookies, muffins, rolls, cupcakes and other assorted yummies are yours.  The rails fit inside the foil's cardboard tube for easy packing and storage.   

A set of rails and grate rods that assemble, without tools, to make an oven frame.  Total weight: 12 ounces.  Stainless steel construction for rust resistance and ease of cleaning.   Whole set fits within 1" diameter x 12" tube.  The size is important because ... look to the right >>>>>>


Just add foil.  Because, cookies.

Buy the basic oven from us, then...


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